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Studio Share

Add another dimension to your photo business by renting a portrait studio in Rochester, NY for an indoor/studio lighting option. Join Picture the Best's Studio Share and have guaranteed studio space every month. 


Rent A Studio

-Access to Picture The Best's 615 sq ft studio space


2 hrs per Wednesday for the first 3 Wednesdays of the month. A total of 6 hrs of studio time (hours set upon registering). This time includes any set up or break down time you may need. 

Fourth Wednesday of the month is a Photographer's Talk. Meet other renters, share your work, enjoy lectures and community. 

$300 per month.


Studio Rental Includes Access to:

-3 B800 Alien Bees lights, with modeling lamps+flash

-sync cord

-white umbrella

-silver umbrella

-octagon soft box


-gel holder + 8 gels

-two tall light stands

-one short background light stand

-Access to 7 permanent backgrounds

-Access to additional seasonal/rotating scenes

-1 set of background stands + 20' background pole with clips if you choose to bring a background of your own

-1 backless stool

-changing room


-parking lot

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