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Outdoor Locations

Outdoor Locations

We’re lucky, in Rochester, to have a wide variety of outdoor spaces right in our own backyard. I have a few favorite spots to photograph. Some I like for the close proximity to my studio, some has easy parking, others have unique views- but all photograph amazingly. I’ve taken the time to break down a few of my go-to spots. Each location isn’t perfect for every session or individual. Some locations require more walking than others, or may not have the vibe you’re looking for. This break down will help you find the perfect location for your outdoor session!

Seneca Park- If you’ve gone on the zoo’s tram, this is the park it runs through. There is a big pond, wooden foot bridge, trees, rocks and benches to pose on/with. I like to park at the "Longhouse Shelter" for a quick walk down to the pond/bridge. If you’re up for a little bit of a hike, they have a wonderful hiking trail through the woods, complete with a small waterfall!

The White Lady's Castle- It's in Durand Eastman Park, off Lakeshore Blvd. It has a stone wall and steps, a forested path and a grove of trees at the top. Parking is limited directly on site.

Channing Philbrick Park in Penfield- I love this park. It has a babbling brook running through it with rocks and logs to sit on. There is a little bit of walking and the pathway is right on the water. If you have little kids, expect them to be drawn to the water and get a bit wet- which can be adorable or devastating depending on your goal.

Sunken Gardens- In Highland Park. It has a castle vibe to it, stone walls and steps and some trees/creeping vines. Parking is best right out front of Warner Castle at 5 Castle Park on the corner of Reservoir Ave and Mt Hope. During the summer weekends this can be crowded as it’s a hot-spot for wedding parties and events.

High Falls- If you want an urban/city vibe to your photos, I highly recommend this spot. There is great architecture, fun doorways, the river/high falls and an awesome footbridge. Street parking can be tough sometimes, so give yourself enough time to find a spot.

Webster Park- Webster Park is huge and there are so many nice areas, but the place I recommend the most is actually off Lake road on the North side. It has a great view of the lake, nice rocks and drift wood to sit/pose on, benches, pathway etc. It's a cute spot with a nice summer feel to it. Also, there's a large parking lot right there.

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